with Catherine Rushforth

Entering the Golden Room. Support for those who are stuck


Pause to think about your relationships for a moment

Are you deeply upset, frightened, frustrated, angry, desperate even?
Or caught in a self-nagging pattern?
Or at a cross-roads in your life?
Or just ‘stuck’ in a pattern that feels like you are going around and around in circles?

We all meet unexpected
challenges in life

Or even change associated with normal life stage transition. What I am referring to though is an interruption to your life, the essential you and your happiness:  the feeling that you are well and truly ‘stuck’, challenged or in conflict.

You might have tried everything. You are competent and successful in so many areas of your life, yet for some reason you just cannot shift ‘this’! The good news is, you have come to the right place.

Why Entering the Golden Room?

your happiness

This is about you treating yourself as both precious and important; to put your happiness, fulfilment and well-being as your central priority.

In a single phrase, she’s “a blessing in disguise.” I couldn’t have found a more valuable coach. Through Catherine’s listening, questioning and insights, I have brought my character traits to life and am using them to make a difference in the world, which is what really matters to me.

Tracey Rebello , Singapore

What brings people to

Entering the
Golden Room?

Entering the Golden Room?

People, including couples, siblings, friends and families, and sometimes organisations make contact when that they can not lift themselves out of a stuckness, or they’re at a turning point, or crossroads. They seek a very personal level of incisive and gentle support to uncover what they want, what has held them back and then focus on getting there.

it might be:

  • the life-long impact of abuse and neglect from childhood
  • preparation for meeting and falling in love with a life partner
  • recovery from life trauma, including bereavement and health challenges
  • re-inventing a couple relationship or creating the closure of a relationship
  • pausing to celebrate and re-calibrate family life at change-points
    (Including with biological, step, blended, fostered and adoptive members, in the same location or across different continents)

Entering the Golden Room. Support for those who are stuck

One of the magic things Catherine got me to do was a little activity of dissolving a washing cube in water while thinking about the problem. It was transformative! I got the issue out of my head by “dissolving” it. It was surprising how well it worked to help me stop thinking about the issue repeatedly which was hurting my head.

Binita, UK