meet Catherine

About Entering The Golden Room and

Catherine Rushforth

Are you looking for a mentor to nurture, nourish, reassure and walk along aside you?

Do you want someone who will help discover, guide and support you, in a direction that :

  • identifies, interrupts and dissolves patterns that have held your challenge or stuckness in place
  • assists you in thinking from quite different perspectives
  • draws on your strengths and solutions, success and accomplishments from your life story
  • reaches into what you really want, even if that ‘appears’ beyond your wildest dreams
  • helps connect or re-connect you with your essential self, in a way that naturally falls into place

Are you ready to

Enter the Golden Room with me

to pause, take stock, think together and then to create the happiest and most fulfilling future for yourself?
If this strikes a chord with you, then it’s time for us to have an initial conversation. Let’s have a chat…

Throughout our sessions, I felt supported, encouraged and reminded that maybe my way is not the only way. I highly recommend anyone Entering the Golden Room in these difficult days we all live in. You may be surprised in the gold you find!

Vanessa Johnson

Who am I and what qualifies me to
provide this unique service?

I am Catherine Rushforth, and I’m widely known and respected for my work with people from a broad spectrum of backgrounds who have carried the trauma of difficult beginnings within their families, disruption and upset associated with losses and change. I have a reputation for supporting the development of flourishing, happy relationships with individuals, couples, families, communities and in business.

If you’re ready

to give yourself the gift of taking a reflective pause

We can then arrange a time to talk with each other and to establish whether Entering the Golden Room is the right service

Working with Catherine Rushforth has been inspiring!
Having Catherine ask these questions and playing back my words and meaning has been eye opening, I have a deeper understanding of myself and where I want to go, both personally and professionally.

Bianca Holman, Senior Manager for Safeguarding